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Dragon Guarding Egg
640x480xB&W 82k zipped FLIC Animation

This is the first animation I did in computer graphics 1 which I took in 10th grade. I think it's probably the first real animation I did, period. It's a fairly funny repeating loop of a guy trying to steal an egg from a dragon mother. I should warn you this isn't my best art, though the animation's fairly nice. This animation actually took me like a quarter of the year, comming in between classes and such. Of course it was horribly late, but my teacher thought it was worth it and didn't lower my grade. I told you I was patient. =)

[Kystan Walking] [Kystan Flying]
Dragon game animations
320x200x256 18k & 9k FLIC Animations

These are two animations I did for the dragon game I was thinking of writing. The first is Kystan walking and the second is her flying. Actually these aren't the original animations I did for it. The originals involved a gold dragon and weren't as good. I did these two much later when I was bored, basing them on the old animations. The wing motion on the flying dragon was taken from an article on bats that I found. Obviously I didn't finish shading the body of the flying dragon. Maybe some day.

Twelve Animation
300x300x24b 91k MPEG Animation

This is something I did senior year of high school for my computer graphics 3 class. Actually this was an extra credit piece I did just so I could play with Autodesk 3D Studio. The idea was that students in Computer Graphics 2 (or 1?) had to create animations of a number in Macromind Director. Then everyone would put their numbers together to have a countdown at the beginning of the video the class put together of the animations and other projects they did. Although the green frame and twelve were both done in 3D studio, I cheated on the frame and rendered only one side, flipping and rotating it in Photoshop to create the whole frame which had to be of a certain size to match the frames on the other numbers. I didn't include the frame in the MPEG since it doesn't change and just slows things down.

Golden Dragon

This is another animation done in computer graphics 3. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to convert it to PC format before I left and so it got left on some mac format disks for years until the disks went bad. It was saved in Swivel 3D format and I could never find another mac with software to read that. The images above were captured from a video tape collection of all the stuff we did in that class.