The art of KaniS

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This section contains many unfinished works and sketches that I once planned or still plan to turn into full color images. It also contains a lot of older dragon pictures from when I first started drawing them. In fact, with the addition of this section, I should have just about every dragon I've done on display (except for a few that were mostly copies of other art to help me learn). I don't know if the older ones are really worth seeing, but perhaps someone out there will appreciate them. I'll try to show things in chronological order, getting newer towards the end of the page.

Done sometime in middle school, this was my first vision of how Kystan should look.
I did this early in my freshman year of high school, partly during my extraordinarily easy geometry class.
Another I did in geometry. Yes, I did have a _lot_ of free time in that class. In this one I was practicing the techniques of shading both sides of an object I'd recently learned in art class.
This was an alternate design for the Dragonfire stamp you may have seen in the overview section of this page. Actually I only did this design as a half hearted attempt to outdo another student who'd decided to do a second stamp with a very nice design. I ended up giving up and realized I couldn't always be the best even in my age group. Quite annoying, really. =)
This was also done for my art class as a stencil which we could spray paint through. The center portion was on one of the walls of my school for a couple years before someone decided to put up a boring non-draconic mural. =( The center is based on a picture in the Dragonlover's Guide to Pern, but the wings (which I added too late to spraypaint) are my own design.
Ok, so this has nothing to do with dragons, but I think it's pretty funny/interesting. It's a self portrait I did first year of computer graphics. Hey, why not show it to your teachers? =)
I had originally planned to do this as a more humorous full color picture after the dark origins of Higher Love but after the humor of it wore off I lost interest. Ah well.
A picture I did on an apple IIgs while working as a TA in the lab. It looked better when I originally did it, but unfortunately I had no way to move the graphic onto another computer, so I had to print it on their rather poor quality printers and scan it in.
This is a combination of two dragon sketches I did in class at separate times. I think I ended up thinking of them as Kystan and Eva (another dragon from my story).
Jenn, the Velociraptoress, done as a sketch on notebook paper during a chemistry class. You've gotta love Photoshop's ability to remove notebook paper lines. =)
Bunnies get too much attention at Easter. How bout an Easter dragon for a change?
I got inspired to do this during my first college art class when we were creating symbolic art. I did it for myself, though, not for the class. I call it Sadness.
I think I did this soon after Sadness, in the complete opposite mood (I think I would call it Happiness if I had to give it a name), trying to psych myself up to do another full color dragon. Unfortunately I couldn't keep my interest in it and it didn't get very far. =I
My first attempt at drawing Synge before I'd gotten a very good description of him. The other dragon in the picture is KaniS, although KaniS actually doesn't have horns. I call the picture Synergy.
My second attempt at Synge after grilling him for as many details of his form as I could think of. He says it's very close, but the tail is too short. *doh!*
KaniS showing Dalton how to fly.
Sketch of KaniS's head and neck.