Whelan World Snappy! DV300 More dragon pictures

Well, I've finally found something even cooler then Snappy! It's digital video capture. It captures movies, and it even captures higher quality stills then Snappy, even off a non-digital video signal. The following stills and movies were captured using a Sony DV-TRV9 digital camcorder and a Pinnacle Systems miroVIDEO DV300 DV capture card.

Panzer Dragoon Saga

In case you're interested, the DV300 is based off the Adaptec 8945 card, a combination ultra wide SCSI and IEEE-1394 (otherwise known as Firewire) card. The Firewire cable connects to a digital video device like a DV camcorder or VCR, and controls it through DVTools software on the PC. It can scan forward and back through the video tape and mark an exact range of frames for capture. With Digital Video, each frame is time coded and numbered as frame 0 through 29 for each second of video. The resolution is interlaced 720x480, and since each frame is digital you can get a paused still frame that's perfectly clear. The card is bundled with Adobe Premier LE for editing captured AVI files, adding effects, pasting clips together, etc. It's basically like Adobe Photoshop but for video production.