Whelan World Snappy! DV300 More dragon pictures

For those who can't get enough, here's a few more dragons I hadn't seen elsewhere on the internet (at least until everyone found them on this page and used them elsewhere).
Please note that we aren't looking for more images to add to this gallery. You can find sites with hundreds of dragon images in our links database. Just look in the "Images and galleries" category.

This is an original photo from behind the scenes of Dragonslayer I found at a Dr. Who convention of all places.
This is a picture of KaniS by Jenn, the Velociraptoress. KaniS doesn't actually have dorsal spines or horns or a beard or a lot of other things you see in the picture, but it's nice nonetheless. The funky characters in the corner are in an alien language known as Cyrian and translate to "Beyond the mountains a dragon hides breathing out sunset."
Look! Look! It's a blurry photo of a real dragon in a storm! No, actually it's just a blurry photo of a nice picture in the dragon museum, but your friends don't have to know that. =)
This is from The Book of the Dragon, illustrated by Ciruelo Cabral.
Another from The Book of the Dragon. I find this picture very touching.
A dragon hanging in Jurassic, a very cool store specializing in dinosaurs and fossils. Unfortunately they weren't doing too well so they closed the store and moved to mail order only. I think they said they'd have a web site but I don't know the address.
Another dragon from Jurassic.
A young T-rex sculpture in Jurassic. I think he looks very draconic.
Dragon masks from a Halloween catalog available for $4 from:
Halloween Outlet
246 Park Ave.
Worcester, MA 01609
USA order line: 1-800-HALWEEN
International order line: 1-508-798-9957
This came from the cover of a version of Dragonsdawn I found in Asia. The first is a version in which I edited out the title and other text along with the humans on the dragon's back. The second is the original cover. It's a higher quality scan because I lost the original scan done with a hand scanner and had to rescan with a table scanner (wow, I didn't realize how much the old hand scanner screwed up the colors! I always hated that thing..).
This is from the cover of a version of Dragondrums I also found in Asia. I removed the text and riders along with the little fire lizards. Again, the second is the original cover scanned with a better scanner.
A neat postcard I came upon in a book store. Entitled Dragon Dance, by Tim White.
From the cover of The Glory of the Golden Dragon, by Andrew Bill. It's available through Enchantica:
Enchantica Collectors Club
Munro Collectibles
PO Box 200
Waterville, OH 43566