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7-14-05, 7:56pm: For Dragons updated, and downtime
I've revised the For Dragons section with some of my recent thoughts and life experiences. Of particular interest is an mp3 of a seminar which you can download towards the end. Not necessarily dragon related, but possibly life changing. =)

I also just made Find a Dragon include line breaks you enter in your description (silly it didn't do that before - I never noticed), and I updated my description. Check your own descriptions in case your formatting might have been messed up (though I don't see why it would have).

Many have probably noticed we were down for about 28 hours. This is due to the SBC fiber line coming into Surfcity, our ISP, being "mistakenly" disconnected (or possibly disconnected in retaliation for Surfcity pressing legal action against SBC to get them to resolve the instability of this line the last few months - you may have noticed periods of downtime up to a few hours each week because of this instability). All of Surfcity was down, including their own web site, phone system, and all their customers. That's pretty bad! It really shouldn't have taken so long to get the fiber line back again, but SBC dragged their feet in repairing it. Surfcity has been working on moving to a Verizon line since February, but apparently it's a long process. The latest word is it could be transferred by the end of this month. This all seems weird to me, because my personal experience has been that SBC has been quicker and more professional about repairing things than Verizon, but maybe that's only for smaller customers. At any rate, Surfcity has a many-year history of reliability and good customer service, so I think they'll get back on track soon enough.

6-06-05, 8:46am: All Forums points true once more
Clicking "All Forums" when viewing a message is pointing to the correct place again.
5-10-05, 11:05pm: News Prefs fixed, plus other small bugs
News Prefs will now save correctly if you uncheck all boxes in a particular row. I'm surprised it took so long for someone to report that bug to me.

I made numerous other small changes that won't affect any functionality, but may bring to light new bugs, so please report anything to Thanks!

2-28-05, 8:22pm: Animal Planet: Dragons
There's an Animal Planet TV "documentary" coming out March 20th about dragons, much like they've done in the past for dinosaurs ("Walking With Dinosaurs"). More info here.
12-16-04, 8:46pm: PHP Upgrade
PHP was upgraded to 5.0.3. Please be on the lookout for any new bugs and e-mail immediately if there are any problems. Thanks!
8-18-04, 10:54pm: Access violation bug fixed
The PHP access violation bug was fixed two or three weeks ago, but I wanted to wait and be sure it was really gone before I announced it. It had to do with upgrading to PHP 4.3.7, but since nobody notified me of the bug for a month or more, I figured the cause was some other change I'd made and I wasted a lot of time pursuing false leads in trying to fix it. So, the moral of the story is to please report bugs as soon as you see them so that they are easier to fix. Thanks!
7-26-04, 11:11pm: Trying to fix memory access violations
I made another big change which I hope will fix the memory access violations. If you see them again, or if you see other new problems, please e-mail me immediately (
7-18-04, 4:16pm: Registration backend updated
The account request system has been rewritten to allow multiple administrators to easily process a unified queue of requests, as well as giving them some extra information and other features. None of you will really see the effects of this change, but it should help keep new requests moving along better. Also, I keep hearing sporadic reports of a memory access violation error on random pages. If you see that error, please e-mail and let me know where you see it. I upgraded to the latest version of php and am hoping that will fix it. If not, I need to know that it's still happening so I can try other things.
5-09-04, 9:31am: New FAQ & Help page, plus working on FaD
Well, actually the FAQ has been up for about a week while I got feedback on it and made tweaks, but if you didn't notice it, feel free to click on it. If you have comments, there is a thread here.

I'm currently working on Find a Dragon again and plan to finish it as my next big project. One change has gone up: When you do not finish creating relationship criteria (or you have criteria carried over from the old FaD system), it now lets you know those criteria need to be updated with a red "update required" notification. If you see that, please update your answers to those criteria questions (click "update required", or delete the criteria if that relationship is not one you are still interested in). This will help dragons interested in that type of relationship to find or not find you as appropriate.

4-26-04, 7:46pm: Forums improvements
Forums have a new look which, I think, makes them easier to use. Along with that are a bunch of little fixes and features, including...
  • All browser titles now give more descriptive information about what you're doing in Forums.
  • E-mail replies checkbox when you post has turned into Subscribe To Thread. The difference is it will email you any new posts in the thread rather than just replies to the post you made in the thread.
  • You will not be sent a copy of any post you make to a thread you have subscribed to. You will only receive posts that others make.
  • After you post, it clicks the ok button for you after 1 second.
  • Next/prev Thread and related buttons appear in more places when viewing a message, so, hopefully, you'll never have to scroll to reach them.
  • Advanced search has a cancel and check all button and doesn't include retired forums unless you're in a retired forum.
  • Search pages converted to PHP so I could add the navbar.
  • New posts now use a bold font.

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